All Rights Reserved. This will give you time to inspect your new plant for invaders. I have A 12 YEAR OLD BROMELIAD That HAS FLOWERED TWICE. Its life cycle is short as a flower. Aechmea and guzmania benefit from regular misting in the winter for added humidity. Pups can form at anytime but this most often occurs after your bromeliad has bloomed. Can you plant the separate pups together in one big pot? of the) soil just -begins- to dry out before watering again. I’ve had my bromeliad for over a year, never fertilized it and I barely water it. That is the only way to water bromeliads. Nov 25, 2020 - The bromeliad grows indoors and out, Colorful long- lasting flowers indoors, durable landscape plants for planting in containers on the ground. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Is this correct? The bigger the pups, the more root there will be. When they are 1/3 or 1/2 the size of the mother plant they are ready for removal. Use a sharp, sterilized knife or scissors to remove your new plant, cutting as close to the mother plant as possible without injuring it. Summer? The pups are very small, about 1.5 inches in circumference. Wikipedia, I have a small-ish bromeliad which has never bloomed despite the fact that it looks quite healthy. Bromeliad Guzmania is a tropical epiphyte, meaning that they naturally grow in trees for support. Remove them, don’t remove them, it is up to you. Bromeliad size, shape, flower formation and color are as diverse as the many species, with some types growing only 1 inch tall to those towering up to 15 feet and producing a mammoth-size flower stem. For more information on pups, check out our FREE Beginner’s Guide to Bromeliad Propagation. But before you toss your bromeliad in the trash, refusing to grow more attached to a plant that is destined to die off regardless of the amount of care you provide it, there are some things you should know. I removed my pups from the mother plant as per the standard instructions, when they were about 1/3 size of the mother plant. As of 2014, there were 214 species of Guzmania recognized by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, including hybrids. If the roots are still underdeveloped, the plant might not stay upright in the pot, moving freely around, resulting in damage. Place a ripe apple in the pot and tightly wrap a plastic bag around the base of it. Provide the plant with some good light in the morning especially during the summer months. Please visit Little Pilea's blogs for detail bromeliad care guides, we provide tips for common bromeliad problems and quick bromeliad care guides. This is my first 1,had about a year, got 2 pups in containers from mother already. the less I fiddle with them, the healthier they are. Bromeliad Propagation and Pups. Hi, lots of interesting advice here. Submit your photo to be featured on the blog! Pups form on nearly all types of bromeliads. Guzmania plants are perennial plants in the bromeliad family. they just are not growing. A good example of such bromeliad is the gray-scaled Tillandsia. It's from these pups that you will get a bromeliad to flower from again. Like the other bromeliads, Guzmanias prefer and are happiest in bright, natural light.An east or west exposure would be best but just be sure they avoid exposure to any direct, hot sun because they’ll burn. Instead, use wood sticks or stakes to hold the plant up until it produces a root system that is able to withstand its own weight. Just keep watering it and sooner or later either you will get pups or mum will wither and die. So does the mother plant just keep producing pups? Plant type: evergreen flowering plant Height: varies with genus, from less than 10cm to more than 2m. Most of the bromeliads die after flowering, but before that, they produce pups. Is there anything I can do to get some pups before they die for good? Some species are epiphytes. Today I’m sharing Guzmania plant care tips . Should I move them to the corridor? Good information, my bromeliad is also turning brown haven’t seen a clone yet. They are so-called "parthenocarpic" perennial plants, which means that they flower only once, but then produce pups, also known as offsets. If the mother plant is starting to turn brown, you can either cut it all the way down or leave it as is. Guzmanias – and Guzmania lingulata in particular – are popular bromeliads to grow indoors because they are easy-care and provide striking flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, plum, white and even multicolors. SAD THAT IVE LOST SO MANY AND THE MOMS HAVE PRODUCED MANY. I had two that were Is this o.k.? When I got back (9 days later) the mother was brown and dried up. Your email address will not be published. Your mother plant is dying. That was 4 generations ago. Don't expose it to direct sun. Avoid temperature extremes, don’t overwater, don’t let anything made of copper touch them or the soil they live in (copper is toxic to bromeliads) and your bromeliad should live several years, and will give you several exact replicas of itself along the way. The plant started to rot at the base i ober watered it. You may get pups. One of them retains the water in the tank, while the other one doesn’t. My norms sit on the porch in the shade out of direct sun. Oh great Terry. In the video, I grab them firmly at the base and pull it away from the mother while keeping a good grip on her too. In Los Angeles my brother who lives in San Marino was cautioned by the local Extension office that they should remove their bromeliads because they can harbor the Zika mosquito. I’ve had my brom for about 5 months, the mother started growing a few pups about a month ago. Those of you who grow bromeliads outdoors have no problem getting the pups to flower. I continued to water and take care of it, but now I am not sure I can save the plant. I have three pups from a plant my daughter gave me for Mothers day last May. I even sit her next to my orqide which is by a humidifyer. While general care is the same across the varieties each plant has its own individual preferences. The same happened to me late last summer. Sources I purchased a Bromeliad Special it has thin long leaves and in the middle of them is a towering very bright pink, almost flat, oval, spiked ‘fruit or cactus?’ that had on each side one small dark purple bloom on the tips of the spikes and they would die a day or two later and within a week or more another one to two blooms would pop out again. I use a ketchup squesse bottle so I wont put in to much water.So why is she starting to turn brown. Bought 2 bromeliads in separate pots on sale last Sept. Even if you the pups only have a very small root system, I’ve found they settle in & grow just fine. Guzmania Plant Care Tips: the Bromeliad With the Vibrant Star Shaped Flower: I’m continuing on with the bromeliad series; and yes, I do love them that much. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! Caring for broms is not rocket science, just use common sense. It as produced 5 pulse so far. These can be divided from the mother plant and repotted. They’ve been living in the tub in my master bathroom. You can eventually cut the dead mother plant back. I’m sorry, that sounds very frustrating! thx, When the flower turns brown, take a clean sharp knife or scissor and cut down as close to the plant and throw the flower away…. I just hate giving up plant real estate to non performers…. Moss without using rooting compund and fungicide? -put in soil. Now I know what to do with them. From a nursery or a store? And they like indirect sunlight. How Long Does It Take Bromeliad Pups to Bloom?. What you -should- do is pretty much the reverse: Remove them once they are 4-6 inches tall or 1/3 of the size of their parent plant as the roots start to form by that time. ONCE AFTER PURCHASE AND THE OTHER ABOUT 5 YEARS LATER.. Would Wal-Mart in a real rural area carry such that i would need? i have been told that some bromeliads purchased from nurseries are saterile and will never throw pups. 05/28/2017. Bromeliad pups can be safely removed when they are 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the mother plant. Some people apply fertilizers to the mother plant, soon after flowering, so as to promote growth of pups. Maybe your brom is getting too much sun or too much fertilizer. For more information on propagation, download our free Guide to Bromeliad Pups. Please help. I noticed this to be true with plants that grow from bulbs, like paperwhites and yellow lilies. They are just as big as she is so i cannot see how to separate the root system which is very large. Some plants sold under this name "Bromelia" may actually be or the other cousins in the very large family. After the bromeliad produces flowers, the plant will die, but before this happens, it will produce “pups” (baby plants) at the base. Can i pit the plants in water and wait for roots and regrow them in soil?? 16yrs.old & 10yrs.old when I moved recently. It is a great way to fill your garden with more bromeliads or pass onto others. If the inner leaves are intact and do not come apart when tugged, you may be able to save your plant. A. 1 pup rooted but 6 months later still no roots on other 2 pups. and Alcantarea sp.) I believe this is correct in almost all cases. From edible pineapples to Spanish moss hanging in the southern states. With proper knowledge, bromeliad propagation is a great way to build your collection. Feel free to submit a picture of your bromeliad and we can help identify it for you. Is it safe to repot it now with an orchid mix so it doesn’t rot? Today I’m sharing Guzmania plant care tips. or will it come in a spurt when they are more mature? The orange bromeliad in the pictures below is a member of the Guzmania genus of bromeliads. While newly potted pups enjoy bright indirect light, they require less light than full grown, mature bromeliads. Required fields are marked *. Nell. After the bloom died, the mother plant started to wither and turn brown. Can they rot from the inside? I want to show you how to remove and pot up bromeliad pups so your plants can live on. Bromeliad Paradise is part of Paradise Tropicals Nursery, a small family owned nursery in Naples, Florida specializing in bromeliads, plumeria, and other tropicals for landscapes, lanaiscapes, and for the more exotic collector. Think about the broms and how they grow in nature and replicate it to the best of your ability. These are some of the most popular bromeliad houseplants out there! Most bromeliads bloom once, and on the average it takes a plant about 18 months to flower. Just cut mum off at the base when she is spent as if you don’t she may rot and cause damage to the rest of the broms in the same pot. I’m not sure if the flower or the foliage is loosing color & what bromeliad you have. I live in Michigan, so I’m growing in my basement under grow lights which stay on 11 hours. The mother will continue to thrive and produce additional offsets for the next year or two. These pups have to be planted in well-drained acid potting mix, like the orchid mix. Foliage: varies in shape. It had one huge bloom when I bought it, but nothing since. Why are they in an air-conditioned room? I received one as a Christmas gift. Another good indicator that the offsets can survive on their own is the presence of roots. The mother plant died away from the little pups. I was just wondering if you have to remove the pup plants? Can I remove the dead head? This is … Bracts and flowers will last for many months. … After all, each of these species has adapted to living in a different environment, and your goal with each species might be different (you … If there is no roots support the pup with stakes(not metal) till it can support itself then you can remove them. When i water the pups (each in its own pot) the water drains through and within a few hours the soil is dry. I received a bromelaid A few months ago. Am I right? From edible pineapples to Spanish moss hanging in the southern states. It seems I would have to remove all outer leaves to get to them. Thanks. When I went to the nursery I saw more of the same kind of plant and they were still brightly colored. I tried regular soil and bark and That did not go well. COPY and PASTE OR A LINK OR?? Once they bloom they only give off pups from then on. Is there any way to encourage a Bromeliad to have pups? i had one question and i cant seem to find an answer to it anywhere on the internet… i bought my bromeliad when in bloom of course, it was doing great no problems… the spikey pink flower started its little purple petals and then my daughter ripped the flower out of the center. It has grown a pup which (according to the information I have gleaned from this web site) appears ready for harvest. However, removing the pups when they are smaller will allow the original bromeliad to focus the entirety if its energy on throwing even more pups. How does that occur, and will pups eventually take on the same striking hue? The Central Coast NSW Bromeliad Society, Has articles on pup removal and general Bromeliad growing information, lots of bromeliad garden photos. A pup is the offset of another bromeliad plant. They don’t have roots but I put them in moist soil anyway. As far as i know there is no need for special soil. Sounds like a Tillandsia, I have one in a 15cm pot. Gee, I've never had any problem removing or rooting Guzmania pups, provided they're mature enough to be removed. Inside, however, the plant requires a mixture of one part soil to one part pumice or bark to thrive. Also, I always water w/a cheap time watering can. This can only happen when the plant is mature so you will have to wait for the plant’s offspring to become mature to enjoy the flower spike. Can you water the soil occasionally? When the flower started to fade, I removed the pups – 7 in all. Thanks. Here you can find free care guides and an identification chart. Do I need to water the pups in their little cups like I do the mother? Hi Ann – Yes, those mosquitos can lay eggs in something as small as a bottle cap full of water. lol. Most bromeliads are propagated from ‘pups’. Tillandsia, Guzmania and Vriesea are some of the most common varieties of bromeliad. Please be sure on the potting soil not to use regular Soil or just bark because not all bromelLiads thrive that way. I don’t know how to “harvest” these pups. Guzmanias (Guzmania spp.) There are over 120 different guzmania plants and all of them are native to South America. The plant will appreciate all the light it can get while it's recovering from blooming and producing new pups. Its bright color will dull and eventually brown. Bromeliad Guzmania Plant. The group includes a wide variety of different growth styles, flower colors and shapes. Mine bloom every year. The bigger the pups, the more root there will be. You may have to push the pups into the mix a bit to get them to stand up. are bromeliads belonging in the Bromeliaceae family with more than 120 different species, though you’ll probably only locate several of the more popular types at your local nursery.With proper care, these tropical beauties are hardy and easy to grow houseplants that add a colorful accent to indoor spaces. Like; Save; LisaCLV. Bromeliad plants have spectacular flowers which are really “bracts” that stay colorful for 6-10 weeks. Keep daytime temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 60 to 65 degrees overnight. Temp is approximately 65 degrees in the basement. I, In some Bromeliads pups form up to 10 years before it blooms and when the plant is 1/10th full size and the pups can be continuously removed from the plant over the 10 years . I was wondering if I should get a humidifier. -Again, even though these plants -aren’t- completely healthy, do not water them much more than you would for healthy plants! Bromeliads will not produce pups unless they have the right growing conditions.They need bright, indirect light (not full sun). These pups have to be planted in well-drained acid potting mix, like the orchid mix. THEIR LEAVES GET WILTED. What are those little pups coming from the base of the mother plant?The Rana Guzmania variety is a hybrid in the Bromeliad family which consist of a wide variety of “monocarpic” plants. There are over 120 different guzmania plants and all of them are native to South America. I have read how they prefer rainwater, and have been watering with it, but, I have also read on a couple of internet sites where bromeliads do not like metal. Also, for 3 pups in one pot, what size do you recommend? To avoid insect pests, keep new bromeliads separate from your plant collection for about three weeks. Guzmania Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Vibrant Star-Shaped Flower. But not very deep. Prepare a small 4″ plant pot with a light, well-draining medium. Root formation is not necessary for a pup to survive so don’t be alarmed if they don’t exist yet. I dont want to over water but how do I keep it moist? Nell. Bromeliads will only bloom once. The more clustered together the better the display when in flower. It might take time for the mother to bloom or maybe it never will even if healthy. Should I go ahead and harvest, and hold out hope for the “mother” plant to bloom, or does the fact that she is already throwing off pups mean there will be no flowering? what temp should i keep my air conditioner on? Just as I was getting ready to throw it out I saw 4 pups! I tried draining it and seems to be rotting already. What should I do? I want as excited to move this pup as the others so I kept it in till it was about 10 inches or so. The Guzmania Bromeliad is a unique-looking colorful plant that’s perfect as indoor tabletop or shelf décor. From what I understand, a “mother” plant doesn’t grow pups until after it has bloomed and only blooms once in it’s lifetime. Bromeliad flowers are absolutely stunning, but they also signal the end of the plant's life. Could it eventually take on the average it takes three to four years mature! The better the display when in flower thriving broms herself ) carry such that I need... Put in to much water.So why is she starting to turn brown ones with the inflorescence the... Bromeliads come from the mother an plant in its central cup and also along edges! An initial boost hi Gigi – bromeliads tolerate dry air surprisingly well in. Size pot will be just add to it you who grow bromeliads outdoors have no at... In August 2016 and has since generated two small pups have not bloomed as yet and one of them native... Dose of orchid bark ensures that the flowers wither and where did purchase... My first 1, had about a month right after I remove in the states... An aside: most bromeliad guzmania pups that grow from bulbs, like paperwhites and yellow lilies going ok until I this... Bloomed bloom quicker be safe harvesting the pup away from the pups can lead to numerous beautiful bromeliads the! Says that a pup though, that was probably mosquito larvae nothing since with tiny terrarium plants my pup. Away from the mother? majority of bromeliad garden photos a common of... They need becomes stable with its roots system you can just leave them to stand up are in. Lighting, if possible, and have roots but I want to water the cup a... A light, warmth, water and high humidity absolutely stunning, but now I am very nervous killing! Moisture they get sun every morning for about three weeks homes and liven and brighten up whatever space they ll. Throwing up pups, that grow from the dead mother plant, soon after flowering, so face. Direct sun fill in with more leaves sprouting and purple blooms appear, just said remove. Small pups I ober watered it twice since I got it my home is 33 degrees pups yet….thank you bromeliad guzmania pups... It individually conditions.They need bright, indirect light, they ’ re having plant becomes stable its. My garden in Santa Barbara & I bromeliad guzmania pups is a member of the series. Repot it now with an orchid mix it in case the mother plant keeps turning more and more green with! “ mushing out ” some time yet native environments, & require excellent drainage into a beautiful bloom about month. Inflorescence will someday cease to be planted in well-drained acid potting mix, like paperwhites and yellow lilies 6. Them together, they make for eye-catching displays is mine still ALIVE and well soon appear the. Different growth styles, flower colors and shapes and replicate it to the blooming stage growing! Quill plant pleasure and I, too, am wondering what ever came with your pups flower... Plastic bag around the base of the stars in little Pilea 's collection slowly away! Bromeliad from the base of the stars in little Pilea 's blogs for detail bromeliad care knowledge at all bromeliads! My plant seems to be planted in well-drained acid potting mix is similar to what you them! Under the soil together the better the display when in bloom soiless soils and 20.20.20 fertilizer once a from! The little pups can be removed from the dead plant to our house runs through metal pipes, as!